what should do once app is punished

What Should You Do Once Your App Is Punished by Apple?

To maintain justice and good orders on App Store, Apple is strict in app review and control. Once apps break its rules, Apple will punish them without hesitation, which will cause serious consequences. To help you deal with this trouble, we will share 4 tips to ensure you ride out once your app is punished by Apple.

Irregular tips to rig charts

As is known to all, Apple forbids developers rigging charts by irregular tips, including false installs and reviews. If you do that, your app will be punished. In order to avoid punishment and loss, you would better obey rules on App Store.

Mandate users to give good reviews

Apple focuses on an authentic statistic. If you pretend to lure users with rewards to give good reviews, once Apple checks up that, your app will be in trouble.

Mandate users to give good reviews

Copyright infringement

Apple stresses copyright. Once Apple investigates your app infringes others copyrights, it will resort to a particular way to punish you.

Sensitive information

Apple review guides stipulate that all apps can’t include aggressive, sensitive, insulting and awful information, such as religious, nation, gender discrimination, and so on. All of these will hurt some particular population. Once your app includes these contents, you are ready to find solutions to deal with punishment.

Serious bugs and rarely update

Serious bugs and rarely update will affect users utilize your app and cause bad user experience. Then Apple will warn you to modify your app. If you still don’t take action, you will face serious punishment.

Diverse punishments

Apple will adopt different punishments based on various irregular operations. So next, we will introduce 7 punishments.

Diverse punishments


A warning is the slightest punishment. When Apple finds that you rig app ranking and reviews slightly, it will send a warning email. Once you receive this warning, you need to modify quickly in order to avoid suffering more serious punishment.


Relegate is another punishment when you rig app ranking by irregular tips. It means Apple decreases your app ranking on charts. Remember Apple will not send an email to you, you only notice changes in your app ranking to find whether you are in this trouble.

Searching mask

Searching mask means masks searching results. Although your app covers some keywords, users look through searching results of some keywords, they will not find your app.

Repeal charts and keywords

Repealing charts and keywords mean Apple will clean up app ranking on all charts and all keywords. Once you are afflicted with these punishments, you will lose lots of installs.

Remove apps from App Store

Removing apps from App Store is so serious. Because users can’t search your app on App Store except for those people who have downloaded your app. Once your app involves copyright infringement, gender discrimination, and awful information, you will receive this punishment.

Remove apps from App Store

Close accounts

Closing accounts is the most serious punishment. Once your accounts are closed, you not only can’t use accounts to submit apps, but also all apps that included in these accounts will be removed. In addition, you are forbidden to apply developer projects on Apple within 1 year.

Useful solutions

When developers face these mentioned conditions, they need quickly find out useful methods to solve that. Now, read following parts to master 4 effective tips.

Notice email from Apple at anytime

When Apple punishes apps, it will send a notification to developers. Therefore, once your app is punished by Apple, you need pay attention to information on Apple at any time, which ensures you find which problem your app contains on time and draw up plans in short time.

Hence, if your app includes sensitive information, you need to delete that and add new appropriate information. While if your app is poor in performance and contains lots of bugs, at this time, updating your app to get rid of bugs is the best way.

Keep in touch with confreres

Keep in touch with confreres is important, which will make you predict and evade risks. What’s more, it will help you analyze it’s a common situation or just your app is punished. Then you can quickly take action and find effective method to solve that.

Make representation

Some developers will be punished in spite of they didn’t break Apple rules. If you face this condition, you can make representation and explain in detail. Apple will check out to deal with that.

make representation

Utilize spare apps

If you face this worse condition for a long time, you can utilize spare apps to solve your problem. Remember these spare apps should coincide with Apple review rules, otherwise, you will be in this trouble again.


Once apps break Apple review rules on App Store, Apple will choose different ways to punish developers, including warning, remove keywords, close accounts, even remove apps from App Store. All of these will cause uncountable losses, even ruin all of your efforts. Although there are 4 useful tips to help you when your app is punished by Apple, it still has a profound negative influence on your app and your business. So you would better obey Apple rules in order to gain stable revenue.

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