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What Is App Self Propagation and How to Achieve It?

For app developers, popularizing their apps always makes them nervous. They need analyze and compare lots of propagation ways in order to select the most efficient one. Simultaneously, they also spend sums of money on that. Most developers are lacking in funds, which increases their capital burden. However, app self-propagation, the very cost-effective tip, helps you get rid of these problems. Study following to understand it from comprehensive aspects.

Definition and advantages

App self-propagation means users voluntarily share your app on various social platforms or share it with their friends by means of face to face. Users voluntarily propagate your app on their social platforms, their followers will notice that. It will help you expand your app reputation and attract new users as well as increase installs.

In addition, if users don’t delete this information of sharing your app, your app will be noticeable for a long time. It offers a free advertisement to you, too.

Tips to achieve app self-propagation

After introducing the advantages of app self-propagation, the tips to promote app achieve self-propagation are becoming more attractive for developers. How to do that? You need focus on these 5 tips.

Benefits as a bait

what is propagation - benefitsBesides users voluntarily share apps depending on their favor, motivating them to share your app by means of free goods is also useful. And they are willing to spend their time and energy to get these benefits. So you can grasp this user psychology to lure users propagate your app. In this step, you need design some sample requests and rewards. For example, when users utilize your app, you can release a notification to tell them if they share this app on their social platforms, they will gain gifts or scores. And they can exchange cash by scores.

Meet users’ social psychology

Users share apps not only because of these apps are wonderful, but also they want to meet their some social psychology. For example, someone utilizes an education app to study words or training their listening. When they finish their courses and gain the feedback, if it’s good, they would like to share it on their social platforms. It will help them get notice and compliment as well as make they obtain a sense of achievement. Therefore, you need ensure a clear orientation, and make sure which social psychology users can get from your app. Then aiming at this aspect to design share information.

Build up special tag

App self-propagation not only depends on social platforms but also exists in users’ daily face-to-face communication. During daily communication, they are willing to share some good and relevant apps with each other. For example, when people refer to chat apps, they always remember Facebook. Therefore, you would better build up special tags to generalize your app. Once people talk about that tags, your app will gain more chances to be noticed. It helps you achieve the aim of app self-propagation and attract lots of new users.


what is propagation - activitiesPeople are always willing to share good information with their families and friends. To make your app more noticeable, you can hold some offline activities relating your app to arouse old users’ interests. Once they gain some profits from that, they will tell their families and friends and ask them to notice these activities. Due to the relationship between these users is more close, so these new users will trust in these activities and follow your app.

Convenient and famous sharing channels

In the process of app self-propagation, sharing channels are very important. These social platforms, used by multitudes of people, help you get many opportunities to popularize apps. Therefore, you are supposed to pay more attention to select the most popular social platforms and add them to your app. It offers convenience to users as well as makes your app be noticed by lots of people.


App self-propagation depends on users to popularize apps. Hence, it will not cost developers much energy and money. Users voluntarily share your app on social platforms, which will help you gain a free advertisement and attract lots of new users. In addition, it will do a favor for you to expand your app fame as well as set up good brand identity. So if you want to spend little money but to do well in propagating your app, you need master these mentioned tips of app self-propagation.

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