Best Methods for Utilizing Existing Users to Attract New Users

For developers, their ultimate goal is gaining huge revenue. Which factor helps achieve this goal? There is no doubt that users are the prime helper. They not only do a favor for developers to get millions of installs but also promote their app without money. More users mean they can increase app installs and get huge profits. Hence, lastingly grasp lots of new users is so vital. In this article, we will share the best methods for utilizing existing users to attract new users.

Why utilizing existing users is the best

why utilizing existing users to attract new usersExisting users voluntarily share apps with others, which offers a self-propaganda to developers by which they will save much money on app promotion. What’s more, it will help create a good app brand. Existing users introduce apps to others on the ground that they hold a positive evaluation on that. So they are willing to share apps’ advantages to new users. If this condition lasts for a long time, developers will build up a good app brand.

In addition, it also increases app conversion rate. Most of the new users are existing users’ friends, families, and colleagues. Due to there is a profound trust between them, new users are willing to install those apps, which also will increase app conversion rate. Therefore, utilizing existing users to attract new users is a good app promotion guide.

What should you do to attract new users by existing users?

Why are existing users willing to share apps with others? That’s because they enjoy a good user experience. In addition, it’s very convenient for them to share those apps with their friends and they also can obtain some benefits from that. After having knowledge of these factors, we will introduce these relevant ways on motivating existing users to attract new users.

  • Practical functions

The reason why users install apps is that they want to achieve their requests and solve their problems. If your app can meet their demands and deal with their trouble, they will share it with others that are in the same trouble like them. Hence, the first step of utilizing existing users attract new users is designing practical functions. How to do that? You should analyze users’ demands and market condition to find which functions are chased by users. Then add that to your app.

  • A good user experience

utilizing existing users to attract new users - good user experienceUser experience also affects attract new users by means of existing users. Therefore, you are supposed to focus on creating a good user experience for existing users. In this step, you would better improve app performance and exterminate bugs.

If you can’t promise that there is no problem in your app, you should set up Q&A in which you can tell users that you are going to try your best to deal with those bugs and make apologies to users. Although existing users will face some trouble, your action will make them comfortable and get respectability, which also can motivate them to introduce your app to others and help you increase new users.

  • Lasting update

Due to the fickle demands of users, developers should follow this trend. The lasting update is helpful to meet changeable demands of users. Also, it will make existing users surprised and continuous catch their eyes. So it also has the ability to push them to promote your app for others and does a favor for you get more and more new users.

  • Rewards  

Rewards always are attractive for people, especially, they can gain that without spending much time and energy. Therefore, you can utilize rewards to induce existing users and make them promote your app to help you grasp lots of new users.

utilizing existing users to attract new users - rewardsRemember you would better regard scores as rewards, and you should inform that all users can gain lots of scores by sharing this app or signing in. At the same time, users can exchange cash by these scores. It not only increases user activity but also motivates lots of existing users to share your app with others and help you get numerous new users lastingly.

  • convenient share function

Share function also plays an essential role in attracting new users by existing users. You need offer convenient share function to existing users in your app, like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms that converge numerous hidden users. It will expand app exposure and attract lots of new users.


Utilizing existing users to attract new users is extremely important for all app developers to promote apps. Because they can get a free chance to promote their apps to attract multitudes of new users as well as expand app reputation and create a good app brand. What’s more, they can also cultivate loyal users and motivate existing user to increase user retention and user activity. All of these will make them gain millions of installs and huge revenue. Hence, as an app developer, you should pay more attention to these tips.

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