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Best Known Methods on How to Promote Social Apps

With the growth and prosperity of the internet, more and more people like to communicate and make new friends online. Therefore, to grasp this trend to gain tremendous revenue, multitudes of developers launch social apps on app stores. In order to make their own social apps stand out, they try their best to search for effective tips to promote apps. Also, these following methods do a favor for them to promote social apps.

Focus on target users

Before promoting social apps, you need analyze who are your target users. Due to the youth dominates the social market, they are the prime audience for you. So you need analyze their hobbies, consumption capacity, and consumption levels. Then implement target promotion tips, which will help you succeed in promotion direction.

App store optimization

promote social apps - app store optimizationLots of developers prefer to utilize app store optimization to promote apps, which does a favor for them to boost keywords ranking. At the same time, keywords ranking has a great influence on app ranking on App Store. High keywords will increase app ranking in search results, which will make users easily notice this app and increase installs.

Advertise on social platforms

Social platforms are useful to promote social apps on the ground that lots of the youth converge in there. Those people are interested in much new information as well as they are also willing to try new things and share new information with others. Once your app is shown on that, it will get lots of notice from this audience, which will help you promote social apps and get lots of installs.

Share function

Share function is important for businessmen to promote their products. It’s also working for developers to popularize social apps. Therefore, you are supposed to offer convenient share function to users. From that, they can quickly share your social app with others, so these new users can easily notice your app. It will help you get more and more users and increase installs.

Motivate user sharing

promote social apps - shareProviding convenient share function is the first step, next, you need focus on motivated users to share your app. User sharing not only expands app exposure but also increases app conversion as well as it offers a free advertisement for apps. At the first, users will share your social app with their friends and families, and then these new users will trust in your social app to install.

Next, when users share your app on social platforms unless they delete that, otherwise, your app will be shown on that for a long time. From that, you can get a free advertisement to promote your social app.

How to motivate users to share your social app? The best effective way is utilizing rewards to induce them, which is so attractive for users and motivates them to share.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is very vital to promote social apps. We also mentioned this method when we share methods to promote shopping apps. It helps your social app get self-propaganda and creates a good app brand. In addition, it ensures you get lots of new users and cultivates them as loyal users. What should you do to get a good public evaluation? Besides good functions and performance, the most important aspect is protecting users’ privacy. Hence, you need safeguard all users’ information in your app and avoid divulging that, otherwise, you will lose lots of existing users and be in trouble in promoting your app to attract new users.

Publish social apps on multiple app stores

promote social apps - publish on multiple app storesPublishing social apps on multiple app stores is also useful to help you promote your app, which will ensure to increase app exposure and get lots of installs. If you launch apps on a few app stores, your app will lose many chances to be noticed by multitudes of other users. On the contrary, once you publish your social app on various app stores, your app will get more exposure and be installed by numerous users. Hence, besides famous App Store and Google Play, you can also promote your social app on Amazon, Samsung App Store, and HUAWEI App Store.


Social apps are very popular with the public, and a great number of the audience use that. Therefore, developers majoring in this field get a good chance to gain huge revenue by promoting their social apps. In order to help developers promote social apps and get millions of installs without hurdle, we shared these mentioned tips. If you aspire to stand out your social app on market, you would better follow these guides and learn more app promotion methods.

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