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How to Promote Mobile Apps Globally to Get More Revenues

For developers, promoting apps globally is one of the must-to-dos. Because it not only expands apps reputation, but also ensures their apps occupy more extensive markets and increases huge revenues. To exterminate hurdle in the road of promoting apps to global, we would like to share the most useful tips to developers, including localization, understanding internationalization guides on Apple. Now, read detailed methods to learn how to promote mobile apps globally to increase app installs.


Localization is one of the most useful ways to promote apps globally. Before localizing your app, you should have much knowledge of it. Firstly, the definition of localization will be introduced.

Localization means developers need to ensure their apps suit for all users who live in different countries. How to make all users understand your app? These following parts will ensure you find answers.

Languages localization

promote mobile apps globally - localize languageWords are very vital in apps. Many contents in apps are displayed by means of letters, including app title, description, screenshots, and reviews. Users know your app from all of these aspects. To ensure your app is legible for all users and promote mobile apps globally, you need to choose different languages based on different countries.

Design localization

Aesthetic differs in each country, which affects users’ acceptance of your app. If you want to boost your app all over the world, you need analyze diverse aesthetic and design appropriate styles. For example, western people prefer minimalist, so, you would better ensure your app UI concise and avoid using dazzling colors, which will make users uncomfortable.

Screenshots localization

Screenshots are very useful for users to know your app functions. Therefore, you should localize them. At the first, functions showed in screenshots should coincide with users different demands.

Then if your app screenshots include people, words and other contents, remember to add different information to it. For example, American developers intend to release their app in China, all information about that app should be changed to cater for Chinese users habits. Remember to change English into Chinese, putting Chinese people in screenshots, and so on, which will increase familiarity and promote your app more easily.

Choose professional translators

promote mobile apps globally - choose professional translatorWhen you are changing different languages to promote mobile apps globally, you will face these problems, including a mismatch between translation and original materials and the loss of character strings in translation. To help you promote apps without a hitch, these problems and the solutions will be shared elaborately.

Because of the differentiation in the length of words about each language and sentence structures, the mismatch between translation and original materials will emerge. When developers localize their apps by translating the same sentence into several languages, the words’ length will shorten or lengthen about 30%, which will cause the designed interface can’t accommodate this translated texts and lose much important information.

To solve that, at the first step, you should analyze the fickle conditions about original materials are translated into different languages. Next, provide advance retaining information for translators, then restrict the number of words to shorten contents.

The loss of character strings during translating is also perturbing developers. When extracting character strings, they are easily in trouble with losing some of that, which will lead to whole character strings useless and cause users’ misunderstanding. Generally, the best way to deal with that is translated literally, which also can help you distinguish which character strings can not be translated and choose suitable of that.

Analyzing and solving these problems ensure to provide a good user experience for users and increase installs to some extent as well as promote your app better.

Understanding internationalization guides on Apple

promote mobile apps globally - understand apple guidesKnowing internationalization guides on Apple also does a favor for you to promote mobile apps globally. To help developers promote apps globally, Apple offers detailed guides about app internationalization and localization on its official website, including metadata, UI, programming, and promotion tips. If you want to promote your app globally, you can preview this information.


Multitudes of users are eager to promote mobile apps globally, which ensures their apps occupy larger markets and make them gain huge profits. In addition, build up a good brand to create more values. So learn these tips carefully and utilize them masterly, you will promote your app better and get more and more revenue.

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