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Most useful tips to Promote Apps on Forum

With the development of the internet, we are used to searching various information and methods to solve our problems online. Lots of businessmen propaganda their products by means of the internet. At the same time, the internet also offers many platforms for developers to promote apps. In these platforms, promote apps on forum is the most cost-effective one to help them achieve this goal without huge costs and energy.

Know Your App Whollypromote apps on forums - know your app

It’s necessary for you to analyze your app in detail, which will affect your whole plan to promote apps on forum. Thus you should understand which type your app belongs to, and master its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, know it is designing for which people and aim at target population. In addition, you also need to analyze competitors’ strategies and learn some skills. These will help you complete decisive first step in the complex process of forum promotion.

Choose A Relevant Forum

Having an all-around understanding of your app, next, you will walk into this step to choose a relevant forum for it. It’s an important part when you popularize apps on the forum. All developers need to get rid of this notion that the great quantities of forum give your app more chances. In the contrary, irrelevant forums will cause negative influence.

A good forum is supposed to be highly relevant to your app. Because those people who want to find this related app will converge in it, which will make your app be noticed easier. Besides relevance, the number of hidden users in a forum also need to stress. Increasing app installs is your ultimate goal and multitudes of users are the guarantees. To know users’ number, you can analyze the total enrollments, post gross as well as the amounts of people online. All of these will help you find a good forum.

In addition, you need emphasis on the rules of this forum in order to get ready for your latter posts and promotion.

Register and Complete Personal Informationpromote apps on forums - personal information

Choosing a good forum, then you are requested to register and fill your information. At the first step, you should design a particular and sample user name to let people remember you easier. Next, put in your actual name, gender, and contact. What’s more, add your position, company and app information as well as app link to the signature. If some users are interested in your app, which will make them accurately keep in touch with you.

Completing information enrollment, you need to manage your account. At the beginning, you would better follow some famous and related accounts, at the same time, release some interesting articles rather than introduce your app. It will do a favor for you to attract new followers and cultivate loyal henchman. What’s more, build up a substantial foundation for your later plans.

Indite High-quality Articles

After finishing these 2 steps, you are going to step into the most important part of forum promotion: writing high-quality articles. Title decides page view to a certain extent. More attractive article titles are able to arouse readers’ curiosity to know more information, which will increase page view.

Except that, article contents should be concise and aim at users’ demands to introduce apps and solve their problems. On the contrary, if you introduce your app blindly in articles, readers will skip over it and not follow.

Accurate Posts Reply and Support

When receiving some replies, you should give responses. Remember it is supposed to be relevant to replies. At an appropriate time, you can add your app information to it. All of these will close the distance between you and users and develop hidden users.

There is no exception that sometimes your posts are neglected. At this moment, supporting them by yourself is so necessary. You can use some sock puppets to increase page view and attract more readers. Furthermore, you can also follow some posts with high page view and give some high-quality replies, which will help you get much notice from other users.

Using Activities to Attract Followerspromote apps on forum - activities

Utilizing various activities to catch followers’ eyes is a very useful way to promote apps on forum. It will provide many opportunities for you to gain new followers. But when holding activities, you need pay attention to these 2 aspects: popularize activities and enrich prizes in order to ensure lots of people can participate. Moreover, prizes should be common, which not only helps you save funds, but increases reliability.


It is beneficial for app developers to promote apps on forum. You are not requested to spend sums of money and much energy for making that dream come true. And remember, promote apps on forum includes a complex fighting process, consequently, you need spend more patient on it and persist continuously. It will not cost much time till making your app prevalent and increasing app installs.

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