Best Efficient Tips to Optimize App Reviews on App Store

App reviews have a great influence on app installs. And there is no doubt that more than 70% users will have a look at app reviews when they plan to download. Once they find some negative reviews, multitudes of them will not install. So optimizing app reviews is vital for developers. Well, in following, we will talk about best efficient tips to optimize app reviews, including appealing users to review, getting app reviews from friends and families, exchanging app reviews and buying app reviews.

Benefits of Good App Reviews on App Storeoptimize app reviews - benefits of reviews

Good app reviews are very important. It not only attracts a multitude of new users, but also boosts app ranking as well as increases keywords coverage.

Over 70% app users will look through app reviews written by those people who had used that app when they want to download an unfamiliar app. An app with numerous good reviews is more attractive, which will get more new users easier.

Appeal Users to Review

Reviews written by users are most authentic and attractive. From that new users can know whether this app meets their demands and learn its advantages and disadvantages. So developers should focus on appealing users to review.

As a starter, you can utilize some pleasant words and interesting plug-in to induce users to give good reviews. Except that, rewarding users is also helpful. Most of them will not refuse these goods without costing money. So you can send some gifts and appreciative words to them. It will make users be willing to offer good reviews.

Get App Reviews from Friends and Families

We always get help from our friends and families. Therefore, in addition to attracting users to review, you can ask your friends and families to give good app reviews. Remember you need to tell them to write these reviews based on your app functions and features as well as containing keywords.

Exchange App Reviewsoptimize app reviews - exchange reviews

Exchanging app reviews is also a useful tip on app review optimization. Developers can gain lots of app reviews without money, but they are requested to offer the same service to others.

In this step, you need spend much time and energy looking for cooperators. Then offer high-quality reviews for them. What means high quality? It requests you to include app keywords and functions in reviews. Moreover, evaluate app advantages. In return, your partner will offer same quality reviews to you.

Through exchanging app reviews, you can ensure these reviews are high-quality. It will increase the authenticity and reliability of your app to attract users to install. However, exchanging app reviews will work after a long time, it needs developers’ patient. So you should persist in it.

Buy App Reviews

Buying app reviews is the most effective way for developers to optimize app reviews in short time. There are many reputed companies offering this service, so you can easily find the best cooperator. In this stage, remember all paid reviews should include your app keywords and functions. Furthermore, it is supposed to show your app advantages.

Besides these 2 aspects, you should be careful of avoiding a great number of same evaluation existing in app reviews, or it will cause users’ suspicion. Furthermore, don’t buy app reviews intermittently as well as change the number of it casually. Otherwise, all of them will make you lose many hidden users.


Optimizing app reviews seems easy by means of these 4 mentioned tips, but there still exists some details needing developers’ attention. When taking action to optimize app reviews, you need focus on reviews quality and prevent duplicate and negative app reviews. Only combining these aspects together can you gain good app reviews and increase your app installs.


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