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Best 6 Guides on How to Write a Good App Description on App Store

App Description is the way to introduce an app and its functions from comprehensive aspects. Good descriptions will boost app ranking and increase its installs. Optimizing description is one of the best App Store Optimization guides. So at this time, some unknown but important secrets of optimizing description, necessitating each developer masters and employs, will be shared in detail. It includes the position and times of keywords, the functions, and advantages, etc.

The position and times of keywordsapp description- keywords in description

After making users know the app from fundamental aspects, developers can show more details of app’s functions and advantages in order to let users get a more profound impression of their app. What’ s more, they are also able to explain what problem can be solved by that, then calling on users to install by means of appealing words.

When completing these aspects, developers also need to introduce more information about their companies and contact or other apps.

The length of app description

Our ASO experts analyzed the descriptions of top 100 apps on App Store, obtaining 90% apps’ description length is from 589 to 3385 characters. Too long descriptions cause users lose interest and patient. So make sure description does not exceed this range.

The importance of opening

On Google Play and App Store, only near 5% users are willing to spend much time on lots of description. Almost of them choose to look through the opening of description. If developers want their apps to get more chance to be noticed, they need write a concise and attractive opening.

localization app description - localize app description


An app, wanting effectively show itself on various app stores in different countries, necessitates localization, especially localization in descriptions. When developers localize descriptions, they should match description with languages that suit different conditions, which will let users know an app in detail.

At the same time, developers need to remember the fact that utilizing a machine to translate

is not enough because that will make description lose its actual meaning and cause many faults in spelling and grammar as well as cause misunderstanding.

When developers write all above aspects, they need pay attention to spelling and grammar avoiding making mistakes. Meanwhile, all these information should be authentic and believable.

The rewards and reviews that app gains

The rewards and reviews that apps gain can help leave a good impression on new visitors. If an app has gained that chance, the developer would better write down that in the description field. Also, it will enhance users’ acceptance, at the same time, increase app popularity.


Optimizing app description is a vital part of boosting app ranking and increasing app downloads. If app developers want to write a good app description, they need master these secrets we mentioned above. Meanwhile only in this way that combines these secrets with other tips together can they make their app description more outstanding and keep their app ranking for a long time.

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