Increase Education App Exposure

Most Efficient Ways to Increase Education App Exposure

People attach importance to education in all ages because it has a great influence on their life. As the saying goes, never too old to learn. In order to give convenience for people in learning, thousands of education apps are launched on App Store, which offers a huge opportunity and challenge for developers who major in that field. To help these developers seize the chance and get rid of the challenge, we would like to share the most efficient ways to help increase education app exposure to get huge revenue.

App store optimization

App store optimization is one of the most useful ways to increase education app exposure. While keywords optimization is more important than other optimization aspects in app store optimization. It will help you increase keywords ranking as well as improve app ranking. Once your app gets a high ranking on App Store, users will easily notice that, which increases its exposure.

Get Featured on App Store

 Increase Education App Exposure - build brandThe featured field is one of the most obvious positions on App Store. It will make your education app more noticeable. How to get featured on App Store? At the first, you should focus on design, screenshots, previews, and maintain a good public relation. Then you need to ensure that your education apps are high-quality and there is no bugs.

Build up a good app brand

A good app brand has an influence on increasing your education app exposure. People are always interested in those products that possess good brands. So you also can utilize a good app brand to promote your app. A good app brand relies on app features, functions and performance. To create a good app brand, you need pay more attention to app functions and performance, which affects user experience.

Once users can get much beneficial knowledge from your education app, they will be willing to frequently utilize and introduce it to others, which helps your app reach self-propaganda to increase exposure.


In order to get high exposure, lots of developers utilize ASM. What benefits can you get from ASM? At the first, it will increase your education app installs. When users search those keywords that relevant to your app, your app will rank at top1 in search results, which will attract users to download. What’s more, as long as users search these related apps, your app will always get chances to show itself, which increases exposure.


Advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your education apps and expand its exposure. While advertising is not easy, you need pay attention to these aspects. Who are your target audience? where are the prime battlegrounds? Which types are more useful to expand your education app exposure?

 Increase Education App Exposure - advertiseEducation apps are designed for students, hence, you need aim at this group to draw up target promotion tips. Next, choosing appropriate places to advertise is important. Due to schools are the most prime place to gather students, you would better advertise your education app in the vicinity of schools. For example, you can employ some people to distribute handbills, or set up billboards surrounding schools. These tips not only help you grasp substantial target users, but also get more exposure.

Besides schools, residential areas also are helpful for your education app on the ground that there are numerous target populations, like students and their parents. Both of them focus on education. Therefore, advertising your education app in the neighboring places of residential areas also increases app exposure.

In addition to offline advertisements, advertising online is beneficial to increase your education app exposure, too. In order to extensively expand app reputation in short time, you would better advertise your app on app stores, Facebook, forums and other ad networks. In this step, you are supposed to stand out exclusive features and functions of apps, which also will attract users to download.

Launch on multiple app stores

Besides App Store and Google Play Store, there are many other app stores you can publish your education app in. Once your app is published in multiple app stores, your app will get more exposure and then it gets more opportunities to be installed by more people using different app stores to find and install apps. Therefore, remember to publish your app in more app stores like Samsung App Store, Amazon, HUAWEI and much more.


Increasing education app exposure will be easy as long as you attach equal importance to improving app quality and choosing appropriate promotion tips. In order to help you optimize and promote your app, we introduced the most effective ways. After mastering those aspects, you can increase your education app exposure extensively and get more and more installs.

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