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The Most Detailed Ways to Help You Increase App Installs

App installs affect developers’ profits, so each developer tries his best to increase app installs in order to gain huge revenues. However, most of them have no idea of how to do that. Hence, today, we would like to share the most detailed and useful ways to help developers increase app installs.

Statistic analysis

Statistic analysis helps you understand your app in every aspect, such as keywords ranking, your app advantages and disadvantages by means of competitive analysis. It ensures you find right orientation and get rid of shortages to increase app installs.


increase app installs - previewApp previews, the screen video of an app running, show app features, functions and UI. It is also an important factor to increase app installs. You can release 3 app previews in each region and localize them. Also, app previews will occupy the first screen in product detail page. Once users click on product detail page, they will play automatically in silence. When it stops playing, one picture will be shown on it. Hence, you would better add the most important elements to it. Also, choose the most relevant picture by yourself rather than by Apple.

Buy app reviews and buy app ratings

Over 70% app users will look through app reviews written by those people who had used that app when they want to download an unfamiliar app. An app with numerous good reviews is more attractive, which will get more new users and increase app installs easily.

App ratings are important factors in increasing app installs. High app ratings have the ability to attract lots of users to download. So you need focus on it. There are many famous app promotion companies, you can buy app reviews and buy app ratings without much money from them.

Get Today recommendations on App Store

Today recommendations on App Store have a positive influence on increasing app installs. It makes your app more noticeable and helps attract lots of users. To get  Today recommendations, you need focus on these aspects: design, functions, performance, and so on. Due to we have shared detailed methods about that, so you can learn it in this article.

Time-limited free helps increase app installs

increase app installs - time-limited freeTime-limited free means app developers turn paid apps to free for several days because free app ranking is always higher than that of paid. If your app is paid, you can choose this way to attract users install and boost app ranking. While if your app is free, you also can utilize time-limited free. At this time, you can change in-app purchases to free during a certain period. Remember you would better release this time-limited free information by means of major media, which will make more and more users know this activity and increase app installs.

Cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers

The mobile phone plays one of the most important roles in our daily life. Nearly everyone possesses one mobile phone. It’s a good opportunity for developers to increase app installs by means of it. So you can cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to attach your app to mobile phones. Once your app gets this chance, you will gain numerous installs. What’s more, users can’t uninstall your app, which also brings huge profits for you.

Subway advertisement

Subway advertisement is one of offline promotion tips. Subway station converges a multitude of people. It includes many advertisement positions. So you can release your app on it, which will offer more chances for you to make your app more noticeable and increase installs to some extent.

Corporate with media

Major media always make some products famous suddenly. It helps you attract more and more users in short time. Therefore, you would better corporate with major media and build up a good relationship with them. Also, you are supposed to release app launching information, app update or other relevant information by these media. It will help you expand information popularization and get much notice as well as increase app installs.

Forum promotion

increase app installs - forum promotionForum promotion is a cost-effective way to popularize your app. In this step, you need to attract a great number of followers by various articles. Then add your app link in articles and signature, which will not cost much money. But it’s a long time fight, you need persist.

Social network promotion

A great number of users utilize the social network to share and get information. Hence, you can promote your app by social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. At the first, you can take advantage of interesting and hot social events to promote your app. In addition, you can also motivate users to share your app information by rewards.


Increasing app installs to gain huge profits is the ultimate goal for developers. They can try their best to achieve it. In order to make their dream come true easily and quickly, we shared these mentioned tips. Remember all these aspects are equally important. Don’t blindly popularize your app by various promotion tips but ignore improving its quality. Only by focusing on your app quality and choosing appropriate promotion ways can you efficiently increase app installs and gain huge revenues.


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