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The Most Attractive Tips Help You Increase App Downloads

Do you think which factors affect to create the most attractive apps to catch users’ eyes and increase app downloads? Which tips can help you create a good app? To help you deal with these problems, we will share the best ways to ensure you succeed in this campaign. You will get help if you learn these following parts.

Influence factors

If you want to possess the most attractive apps to induce users download, the prime thing is you need to have detailed knowledge of which factors affect you achieve your aim. To help you understand that quickly, we would like to introduce these factors for you.

Practical functions and good performance

increase app downloads - app functionsUsers would like to install apps because they want to deal with their problem or meet their demands by that. Practical functions and good performance are helpers for them. Once your app functions suit them, they will be willing to download that.

App ranking

At the first, ranking on App Store is one of the most important factors in designing the most attractive apps. Generally, people will easily notice these apps that rank at top charts on App Store or in search results. It will arouse lots of users’ attention and increase app downloads. Thus you are supposed to improve app ranking.

Positive reviews

App developers know that app reviews have a great influence on their apps. It decides the number of installs to a large extent. Positive reviews help increase app attraction and increase app downloads. While negative reviews will decrease installs because many users will give up downloading apps when they find negative reviews.

High ratings

increase app downloads - app ratingsFor users, ratings mean the reputation of your app. Low ratings show your app have a bad reputation, which will make users hold the view that this app is worse in many aspects, including performance, functions and operation experience. On the contrary, they would rather install these apps having high ratings. So if you don’t want to decrease app attraction, you need focus on app ratings.

Corresponding solutions

Improve apps in functions and performance

How to create practical functions? Firstly, you need analyze competitors’ apps and markets to find which functions are exigent for users, and you need to make a conclusion to find practical functions.

When users download your app because of practical functions, next, you need to ensure to offer users a good operation experience by performance. Before you launch apps on App Store, you are supposed to test your app frequently in advance to find whether some bugs exist in your app, then look for solutions to that. After listing apps on App Store, you can check up app reviews to know whether users suffer from other new bugs. Then you have chances to deal with that.

Boost app ranking ensures increase app downloads

App ranking is one of the most important parts of increasing app attraction. You need to utilize these following tips to increase app ranking, including app store optimization, advertisements, and increasing keywords ranking.

App reviews service and get high app ratings

increase app downloads - app review serviceTo get positive reviews, you can cooperate with some famous and professional app store optimization companies to get app review service. In this step, you need cost money to buy positive reviews that relevant to your app features, which will increase users’ reliability for your app and attract them to download.

Besides buying positive reviews, you can also get app ratings from app promotion companies. They will provide 4-5 ratings for you and improve the level of app ratings on average.


The most attractive apps ensure you to catch more and more users’ eyes and increase app downloads. What’s more, you can obtain immense financial rewards. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these mentioned tips on making sure your app is the most attractive.


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