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8 Guides to Increase App Conversion Rate on App Store

Lots of developers are confused about why their app conversion rate is still low in spite of they have been tried their best to attract users. The reason why app conversion rate is low is that developers didn’t realize 8 aspects, including app title, icon, keywords, description, reviews, ratings, screenshots and previews. To help them increase app conversion rate, we will introduce these 8 aspects in detail. Also, detailed optimization tips are shared in below.

App conversion rate definitionincrease app conversion rate - definition

App conversion rate on App Store refers to the rate of app install numbers account for the exhibition numbers on App Store list. Now, read the following parts to learn how to increase app conversion rate to get more app installs.

Accurate title

Users always get major information from the title. A good title not only leaves a profound impression on users, but also attracts people to download. What’s a good title? Read following parts to find answers.

Title length is limited to 50 characters, but you would better restrict it no more than 23 characters. A too long title will be cut, so you need to make it concise. Also, avoid using professional terms, otherwise it will cause users’ trouble in understanding.

In addition, your app major function should be included in the title. Because many users will give up installing apps when they don’t get useful information in it. What’s more, you can also include app brand in the title, which will expand app reputation and increase installs. Remember you would better not use this title that same with others. It will cause confusion and help other app increase installs.

Good icon helps increase app conversion rate

the icon will affect users’ decision to know your app deeply and motivate them download. Good icon helps you increase conversion rate. How to design good icon? In following, 3 tips will be shared to help you.

At the first, you need to ensure right icon sizes. Before designing icon, you should analyze design rules on App Store. Then according to different models to design different suitable sizes and formats.

What’s more, the icon is supposed to show app main function. You can choose this material that expresses app major function and stands out it in the icon, which will help catch users’ eyes and attract them to install.

Arousing users’ resonance is also important on designing good icon to increase app conversion rate, which will increase app installs.

Appropriate descriptionincrease app conversion rate - app description

Description helps users check their prediction of app title and icon. It makes them know your app functions, operation as well as shows app advantages to a large extent, which will promote users to download. Therefore, when editor description, you should pay attention to following aspects.

As a starter, you should include the most important information in top 3 lines and make it concise. Because concise and important information will make users know your app easily.

Next, social opinion will help you increase app conversion rate, too. If your app recommended by celebrities and reported by famous media as well as got some rewards, you would better add this information to descriptions. It will increase users’ reliability and attract them to download.

Adding contact information in descriptions is also useful to increase app conversion rate. You would better add telephone number and address of your company to descriptions, which will not only make users keep in touch with you accurately, but also help you cultivate loyal users to increase installs lastingly.

Remember continuously update description is important. When you change app version and functions, don’t forget to update that.

Positive review and ratings

Over 70% users will look through reviews and ratings when they tend to download apps. Positive reviews and high ratings attract users to install, while negative reviews and low ratings cause users skip over this app without hesitation. Therefore, you need to try your best to get positive app reviews and high ratings. To quickly achieve this goal, you can learn detailed guides from these 2 posts: Most Efficient Methods to Get High App Ratings on App Store and Best Efficient Tips to Optimize App Reviews on App Store.

Delicate screenshots 

Delicate screenshots help you attract users and show app features easily. You can upload 5 screenshots. While only 2 screenshots will be shown automatically, so you need pay attention to its arrangement.

At the first, you should put the most important elements in the former 2 screenshots, which will help attract users.

Next, high-resolution screenshots ensure users know app functions and features clearly. So you should design screenshot according to that. Besides, excessively designed screenshots will cause your app fail in Apple review. Hence, you should avoid this condition.

Concise word explanations are necessary. You can utilize some words to introduce app functions, which ensures users have detailed knowledge of your app. Remember words need to match with screenshots, otherwise, it will make users confused.

Previewincrease app conversion rate - app preview

To ensure users experience an app intuitively and attract them to download, App Store adds app preview. Due to its duration is limited to 30 seconds, so you need do well in these following aspects to increase app conversion rate.

Preview will occupy the first screen in product detail page. Once users click on product detail page, it will play automatically in silence. Hence, remember show 3 to 5 representative features in it, which makes your app exclusive features more noticeable.

Also when preview stops playing, one picture as cover will be shown on it. So you would better add the most important elements to it. Remember to choose cover by yourself rather than by Apple, otherwise, your app will lose more chances to catch users’ eyes.


Only when apps coincide with keywords and reach users expectation in searching results can motivate users to install. So you need to try your best to ensure keywords accord with app functions to meet users expectation, which will increase app conversion rate to some extent.


All developers put emphasis on increasing app conversion rate on the ground that they can gain gigantic revenues from installs. The higher conversion rate, the more installs. To help developers increase app conversion rate easily, we share these mentioned 8 guides. As long as you utilize these tips masterly, you can increase installs without hurdle.

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