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App Developers Need Master 5 Tips to Improve User Activity

App developers attract multitudes of users by means of various promotion methods, like app store optimization, buying app reviews, buying app ratings, and so on. These ways help them gain lots of users and increase their app installs, but most users will not pay more attention to apps after their demands are met, which will affect apps’ development and jeopardize developers’ benefits. So to make users lastingly focus on apps, you need to improve user activity. Today, we will share 5 useful tips to help you reach that aim.

Definition and importance of user activity

User activity means these users lastingly focus on your app and consume on it after you built up a stable relationship with them. Users are extremely vital on the ground that they create a huge fortune for developers, especially old users. We had talked about that retaining old users is easier than grasping new customers in how to improve app retention. So you need to try your best to improve user activity in order to maintain this beneficial relationship.

3 Different user life cycles

improve user activity - 3-user-life-cyclesTo improve user activity effectively, you should analyze which stage your users belong to. So we are going to discuss 3 different user life cycles to help you figure out. The order of user life cycles is potential user period, active user period and inactive user period.

Aiming at the first one, you are supposed to design reasonable ways to turn them into active users. Then facing active users, you need to create and complete motivate measures to extend the active period. While for inactive users, the effective way is trying your best to evoke them, which will help you postpone the inactive period.

5 Tips to improve user activity

Knowing the types and rough measures, next, we are going to share 5 detailed tips to help you improve activity one by one.

Set interesting and relevant games

Games always are attractive for us. We can release our stress and have a good mood by means of playing it, especially, we are able to gain rewards by it. So you can set some sample games related to your app, then give some gifts to users. Once they want to play it to release pressure and get rewards, they will notice your app. It also makes them become active users.

Target information

improve user activity - target-informationCommunication is an important way to help you improve user activity. How to maintain working communication with users? You need release different information aiming at particular audiences. Because users only are interested in this information related to themselves. If some information is not relevant to them, they will choose to ignore it, which will make you lose them easily. Therefore, you need release target information to make users notice your app lastingly.

Offer free topics to users ensures improve user activity 

As an app developer, you need to know that users not only are viewers, but also creators. Letting users volunteer to participate in activities is more working. Therefore, you can provide ideas of activities for users, then make them decide the types and awards of activities. It ensures users take part in it and organize it by themselves. Hence, they will be pleasant to propagate it, which can increase app exposure and help you gain more new users as well as improve user activity.

Periodical preference helps improve user activity

App users are not stable, for developers, the loss of users are common but helpless. However, periodical preference is a good way to solve this trouble. In this step, you should select a particular day to supply preference to users and insist it every year. For example, if your app is paid, while, make it free on this day. What’s more, give some discounts or reward some scores for exchanging cash. Users will be used to this model after it lasts for a long time. It makes them automatically notice your app. At the same time, you can propagate other apps, which will not only improve user activity but give more chances to your other apps to be noticed by users.

Develop new and special functions

improve user activity - app-functionsHuman is complex and fickle. Users’ demands and interests also are changeable. Once they find your app is unable to meet their demands, they will give up spending time and energy on it. To avoid this condition and make users interested in your app at any time, you should develop new and special functions to catch users’ eyes. It will ensure users notice your app for a long time as well as help you get positive reviews and high ratings.


It’s so beneficial for developers to improve user activity. It helps them cultivate loyal users, and fully utilize these users to promote their other apps with few costs. Furthermore, it gives them opportunities to built up a good brand to get more and more new users, which will increase installs and do a favor for them to gain huge profits. Therefore, remember these 5 tips about improving user activity, and utilize expertly.


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