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Most Detailed Tips to Improve App Retention

Fierce competition is the dominant trend in nowadays markets. App stores have seen the prevalence and decay of lots of apps. Most apps only prevail in short time and disappear. For developers, improving retention of their apps is the most important thing on the grounds that the cost of keeping old users is higher than grasping new ones. So we shared the most detailed tips on how to improve app retention and make it prevail in a long time.

Brand Identity

Consumers always are interested in these brands chased by the public, and they are also pleasant to spend much money buying them. It’s same with apps. An app is extensively used by people, which will increase its reputation and built up a good brand identity. Good brand identities can help you attract more and more new users and maintain old users.

How to cultivate a good brand identity? As a starter, you should pay attention to your app functions and bugs. Then you need to try your best to propaganda your app and make it be known to the public. Popularity will help it catch public eyes and increase installs. In addition, its advantages will let users utilize it lastingly.

Designimprove app retention - app design

This is an era focusing on appearance. So you need to design delicate appearance and create elegant screenshots for your app to get users notice. When users utilize an app and find its user interface is rough as well as it’s poor in picture fineness, they will suspect its other aspects and uninstall it.


App performance has the most influence on improving retention. Providing you are a user and you spend time and energy downloading an app. However, when you use it and find lots of bugs, for example, crashing and lagging in running. All of these will make you so irritated and decide to uninstall. So as an app developer, you should spend much time and energy attesting app performance at any time in order to improve app retention.

Operation Guides

A multitude of users will download some apps they are unfamiliar, so the operation guides are so necessary to them. You should design sample and clear guides to tell them how to operate. Users download an app just want to solve their problems easier. If they waste much time to know the complex operation of an app, they will lose their patient to uninstall.

Update continuously

Things are fickle, users’ problems and demands also are changeable. To improve your app retention, you are requested to update apps based on new demands. People are not used to changing their habits frequently, they would like to persist in the same thing. Users are same with this condition. If they find some apps are good and always meet their demands as well as solve their problems, they are willing to use that continuously.

However, if you are not able to ensure update apps constantly, please do the following step: set Q&A to close the distance between you and users. You can know users’ demands and shortages of your app. It will give you more chances to improve your app. What’s more, increase the reliability and cultivate loyal users.

Set rewards

A great number of users will uninstall apps when they achieve their goals by means of that. In order to change this condition and improve app retention, you can design some attractive ways to help your app gain lasting notice. For example, sign in an app to accumulate scores. Users can exchange other goods or cash by means of these scores. It only costs them a little time and energy so they will be willing to insist.

Avoid advertisements

Nowadays, we are surrounded by lots of various advertisements, most of them are not necessary for us, which always makes us irritated. And we also often find many users complain that some apps include too many rubbish advertisements, which makes them have to uninstall. Therefore, you are supposed to avoid this condition and don’t let that ruin your app.

Security improve app retention - app security

Developers are supposed to take responsibility for users’ private information and properties. if some users suffer from losses in those aspects when using your app, they will uninstall without hesitation. Moreover, they might tell others your app is unreliable, which will affect its installs, too.


Developing and releasing an app successfully don’t mean you have been achieved your aim. In this fierce competition, learning how to make apps insistently occupy user market is the most significant thing for you. And these mentioned tips help you improve app retention to achieve this goal. What’s more, do a favor for you to develop a good brand identity and gain huge profits. Hence, you should master and employ these methods without hurdle.

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