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Best 8 Essential Guides to Get App Store Reviews with 5-Star Ratings

In the world wherein first impressions matter a lot, peer suggestions in a form of app store reviews and ratings serves as the solitary best teamster of innovation and conversion. A consumer survey that was conducted recently revealed that 92 percent of consumers out there think that star ratings are an essential part of how they evaluate a new mobile app. And, 42 percent consider app store reviews to be more reliable compared to personal recommendations. Reviews and ratings serve as the priceless social proof on every stage of the sales funnel and these things make mobile applications more discoverable, more enticing, and more lucrative. Sad to say, it is hard to get app store reviews and convince people to do so.

Before you become able to control your app reviews and ratings, it is very necessary to understand fully the reasons why they might be a bit underwhelming currently. That is the only time you can make the inherent preferences in the app store ratings work effectively for you. It’s necessary to give your customers a valid reason why they should rate your app.  Also, you have to eliminate the barriers that can interfere with the entire review process. To get app store reviews, you need to be familiar with the right steps to take. Better app reviews and ratings can be obtained by following a systematic 8-step process.

8 Steps of Get App Store Reviewsget app store reviews

Top charts in app stores are desired by the app publishers in each category and the ultimate way of getting there is to attain 5-star ratings and positive reviews for your mobile app. You may leverage the steps below that will help you make it happen:

Add a 3rdParty App Review Pop-up or Create a Personalized One

A review prompt is a dual-edged sword which may interrupt the customer experience, but it is among the greatest ways to get app store reviews and high app ratings. It can boost your app reviews only when it was used correctly. Or, it can make you lose your customers. If you create a review pop-up, make sure that you understand the sentiments of your customers before you ask for a review from them.

Consider Analytics Setup for Learning More About Customers

Analytics can help you understand better your customers. It helps to find out what your customers care about and how you should get in touch with them. When you collect data from your customers, you could control the data so you can communicate more efficiently and more personally in-app. Creating analytic platforms on your own but you can also integrate 3rd parties to help in fitting your requirements. Whatever you choose, make sure you think of the form of data you would like to obtain before anything else.

Make certain that your platform is capable of handling perceptions into client history, demographic data, usage and much more. That will be giving you an overall view of your customers and how you can serve them better.

Delivery App Review Prompts with Perfect Timingget app store reviews - app review prompts

The “suitable mobile moments” are key instants of engagement experienced by every customer. In finding the correct mobile moments for prompting customers in your app, start by looking at the right time, place and right user for in-app communications and think about how you must treat your mobile experience with the best personal touch your customers deserve.

Begin with a Question

In asking for a review, you must begin with a question. For instance, you can say “Do you like ________?” It is like you make them feel they are not just users for you, but you see them as “fans”. People are more apt to respond if you talk to them and starting to approach them with a smart question. It will help show that your brand is recognizing the influence of the positive & negative feedback together with words of gratitude for spending their time to rate your app.

Only Ask for a Review from Users Who Responded Clearly to Your Question

To get app store reviews, it’s necessary to segment your customers through sentiment before you guide them to app stores. When they respond to the question positively, they are more likely to leave a positive review for your app. However, those who responded with a negative answer to the question may leave you a bad review. To keep your app ratings high while giving unhappy customers a much better room for feedback, make use of a review prompt to give a more suitable communication channel intended for those customers who reacted negatively, like asking for feedback via an in-app message.

Keep the Language Friendlyget app store reviews - language friendly

Optimize the way you ask for app reviews by making sure you don’t sound demanding or presumptuous in the ears. Respectful and relevant communication remains in style in terms of in-app communication, particularly when you are asking the customers to review the app for you. Also, ensure that you follow the voice of your brand and its style across all the aspects of customer communication.

Respect the Preferences of Your Customers in Terms of Communication

Unluckily, there would be some customers who might always prefer not to review and rate your mobile app. In such circumstance, it’s necessary to respect their own communication preferences instead of re-triggering app review prompts to customers who don’t want to review your app. The experience would be tiring for customers who might be less persuaded to use your mobile app because of distraction. It is important also to not over-prompt them as they get your app in different versions every now and then. Prompting them once in each update is a great practice.

Keep an Eye on the Response Rates

Together with any customer learning, it is very important to consistently iterate & enhance your messaging through keeping an eye on the response rates. When you learn from the in-app customer feedback, you will be able to enhance your mobile app’s experience faster and more efficiently than you can do alone.

Additionally, customers like seeing their feedback heard and implemented. Thus, make sure that you communicate with these people to inform them that you have granted their requests. Based on a recent survey that 98 percent of customers are eager to give feedback if asked for it directly. While 55 percent are not eager to remain to be customers when their feedback was not heard.


App ratings & reviews are necessary to app store’s visibility and in obtaining new customers despite the fact that positive reviews are hard to obtain. To get app store reviews from the customers, the developers should create a good user experience for customers. Hopefully, you have found all of these tips to get app store reviews helpful on your own case. Give your best and follow all of these tips carefully to ensure that you will be getting a positive result.

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