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Most Efficient Methods to Get High App Ratings on App Store

App ratings are one of the important factors in boosting app ranking. Also, high app ratings have the ability to attract lots of users to download. Thus all developers aspire to get app ratings, but most of them have no idea on how to do that. What’s more, they still face some trouble. So today, we will share some efficient methods to help you get app ratings and solve these problems.

Most Efficient Methods to Get App Ratings

For developers, users help them gain some success in getting high app ratings. After using an app, users will give ratings for it. While these kinds of ratings are divided into two parts: high ratings and low ratings. How to get high ratings rather than low ratings? Good user experience helps you in this campaign.

Offer Good User Experience get app ratings - good user experience

An app, practical, working and without trouble, will offer a good experience to users. So you should complete your app functions aiming at users’ demands and solve all the trouble of it. What’s more, keep this step continuously, which will help you gain high app ratings.

Ask Friends and Families to Give High App Ratings

Remember friends and families always are our powerful supporters. They can do a favor for us without rewards. Therefore you can ask your friends and families help to give high app ratings. When releasing your app on app stores, you just ask them to register several accounts on different app stores. Next, they only spend little time and energy giving high ratings. It will not cost them too much time.

Reward Users to Get App Ratings

For some developers, it’s little difficult for them to get high app ratings from users. If you are one of them, don’t worry, there is also another useful tip for you to get high app ratings. You can provide some rewards for users in order to attract them give high ratings. Although some of them might be not satisfied with your app, they will still give 5-star ratings because of the rewards.

Problems and Solutions in Getting App Ratings

It’s no doubt that an app will have low ratings, for example, 1 star coming from a great number of users. Facing this condition, you need clear these following things: whether there is any problem with your app or it’s a malice coming from competitors.

Aiming at the first condition, you should improve your app. After that, remember to invite more users and friends to supply high ratings to increase rating level on average. And the solution to the second situation is informing against competitors by collecting evidence to avoid it appears again.

Buying App Ratings

get app ratings - buy app ratingsBesides utilizing rewards, buying app ratings is still effective. You can buy app ratings from app store optimization companies and request them to offer high app ratings. It’s cost-effective and helps you achieve this goal in a short time.


App ratings will affect app ranking and installs on app stores. It decides the first impression of users. An app with high ratings leaves a good impression on users and takes the fancy of them, which will increase its installs and boost its ranking. What’s more, it brings huge profits to developers. Therefore all developers should try their best to get high app ratings by means of these discussed methods.


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