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6 Tips to Design Effective and Attractive App Screenshots

App screenshots play a prominent role in catching users eyes. From that,  app users will know what are the main functions of this app and how to use it and then decide to download the app or not, so good screenshots help increase app downloads. In addition, uploading attractive screenshots is also one of the app store optimization tips. Therefore, we shared 6 tips to design app screenshots.

Putting the most attractive function in screenshotsapp screenshots - function in screenshots

Generally, when users browse the information of an app from screenshots, they would like to spend several seconds making a decision whether know it more. If the app screenshots are not interesting, users will not waste their time on that. Therefore, app developers should put the most charming function in screenshots to arouse users’ attention.

Sample words to explain

Sample and refined words always give users profound impression. That makes users know an app quickly. Choose short words to explain functions, and these words would better are fashion at this period.

Displaying partial content in screenshots

People naturally are curious about something that unfamiliar, especially, something that only shows it partially. Therefore app developers can display their app on screenshots like that way to introduce their app major functions. If they are interested in that, they will find more information about it. This will increase users’ sense of participation.

Enlarging the font size of major contents

Looking through on App Store, few users are willing to see screenshots by enlarging that. To ensure the information of an app is noticeable, the developer is supposed to enlarge the font size of major contents. It is more convenient for users to read.

Matching screenshots with suitable colorapp screenshots - color in screenshots

The color of app screenshots also affects the development. It should match with app style and features. For example, if this app involves food, then, warm tone and multi-color should be utilized. That will arouse users interests to download.

Choosing key element

The key element necessitates expressing an app main function so as to increase users impression. Therefore, when app developers choose a key element, they need find which element will show their app in an effective way, then display that in app screenshots. For example, if this app is about the game, the characters in it should be shown in screenshots.


6 tips to design effective and attractive app screenshots are described in details, which will help app developers solve this hard problem. After learning that one by one, they are able to make better screenshots to publicize their app.

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