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6 Tips to Create a Better App Preview on App Store

A survey of AdColony shows that 93% people who work in advertisement field think that preview is one of the most useful promotion tips to popularize apps. Also on iOS 11, Apple adds app preview on App Store in order to give developers more chances to promote their apps. So in order to help developers easily create a better app preview to increase installs, we shared 6 tips about how to optimize it.

Importance of app preview

App preview is one of the most detailed ways to help you increase app installs. It gives users more opportunities to experience an app in advance and know its special features. In addition, it attracts users to install and increases app conversion rate simultaneously. So you need pay attention to following methods to create a better app preview.

Add the most important functions

create a better app preview - add functionsPreview duration is limited in 30 seconds, so you have no time to show all of your app functions. At the same time, users will not spend much time in knowing all functions. So you need to add the most important functions and features to preview in order to create a better app preview. It will make these functions more noticeable and attract users to download.

Put the most exclusive feature in cover

At the beginning, users click into product detail page, the preview will play automatically. Then when it stops playing, one picture will be regarded as cover to show in preview. This process will last for a long time, so you can seize this opportunity to attract users. Remember select the most exclusive feature and put it in cover, which helps users deeply know your app.

However, some developers always don’t focus on cover, even forget it. In this condition, Apple will randomly select one picture as a cover. It’s not beneficial for developers to show app features and will decrease installs. Hence, you need put emphasis on it and choose cover by yourself.

Match background music with preview

create a better app preview - suitable background musicAdd a background music to preview to dramatize atmosphere is also useful to create a good app preview. It will arouse users’ resonance and make them willing to download. In this step, you need to remember to use music possessed copyright, otherwise, your app will be refused to list on Apple Store.

Utilize introduction

If you need explain some scenes in order to make users know your app in easy and visualized way, you can utilize special introduction. It also helps you increase install. Remember to introduce should be concise.

Avoid pretense

Apple requests preview coincides with app actual functions and shows actual user experience. Don’t make your app preview too commercial because this will make it like an advertisement. If your app preview looks like that, you will be punished by Apple. So please ensure show authentic features in app preview.


create a better app preview -app localizationLocalizing preview is also important to create a better app preview. Apps on App Store will be noticed by lots of users that possess different nationalities. App preview that can be understood by all of the users is better. Therefore, You need to choose different languages, design, pictures to produce preview in order to provide a good user experience for all users.


App preview helps users experience an app in advance and know its functions intuitively. It also gives developers more chances to promote their apps and increase installs. So you need pay attention to it and learn these mentioned 6 tips to create a good app preview. Then you can gain huge revenues by it.

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