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How to Boost Apps to Top Charts to Get More Installs

There is no doubt that all developers aspire to make their apps rank at top charts on App Store. It will give them numerous chances to make their apps noticeable and attract users to download. In addition, it helps expand app reputation and create a famous brand. So learn how to boost apps to top charts is the first imperative. To ensure you get more installs and numerous benefits, we would like to share 7 methods to promote your app to top charts.

Chart categories

Charts on App Store are divided into 2 major parts: function types and charge models. According to function types, it includes 24 types, such as game, education, shopping, and so on. Based on charge models, it involves free and paid.

Influence factors

Chart ranking is affected by many factors, like app quality, installs, promotion tips, etc. Having much knowledge of those factors helps you find more useful and appropriate ways to boost your app to top charts. Now, read following parts to learn useful ways to boost apps to top charts.

App quality

Quality is the most important foundation on the process of boosting your app to top charts. Apps with high quality are easily accepted by users and make them willing to share that with others. It will increase app installs and boost app ranking. Hence, you should improve your app quality in these aspects, including design, functions, and performance.

App store optimization

App title, icon, keywords, description, reviews, ratings, preview and localization, all of these can help you increase app ranking and installs. Especially, positive reviews, high ratings, and keywords with a high ranking can boost apps to top charts to large extent. Therefore, you are supposed to optimize them comprehensively. Useful guides about optimizing these aspects have been shared in this article, you can read it to get help.

Choose appropriate category

boost apps to top charts - choose categoryCategories have an important influence on boosting your app to top charts. Apple arranges apps in different categories according to their features. It’s convenient for users to search and download apps. Hence, before listing your app on App Store, you need be careful about analyzing which category suits your app, then add it to that category, which ensures users notice your app easily and attract them to install.

More installs boost your app rank higher even to top charts. While if your app exists in the irrelevant category, which will cause trouble for users to notice your app and decrease installs.

Improve user activity and retention

User activity and retention are also useful to boost apps to top charts. It helps you cultivate loyal users and prompt these users to promote your app. Furthermore, it gives you more opportunities to built up a good brand, which ensures you get more and more new users and gain lots of installs to boost app ranking. Therefore, you need do well in these 2 aspects. Read these 2 articles:App Developers Need Master 5 Tips to Improve User Activity and Most Detailed Tips to Improve App Retention, you will get much useful information.

Continuously update

Updating apps helps you get rid of bugs and lastly meet users’ demands, which helps you maintain old users. In addition, it helps you develop new functions based on current market potential and also does a favor for you to attract new users. Maintaining old users and gaining new users help you increase numerous installs and boost your app to top charts. Thus, you are supposed to update your app continuously.

Turn paid into free

boost apps to top charts - turn paid to freeMultitudes of users are not willing to spend much money on apps. During selecting apps, once they are requested to pay, most of them will skip over these apps and download those of free. Therefore, many paid apps lose a great number of new users and installs. To increase installs and app ranking, you would better turn paid into free, which will attract lots of users to download your app in short time.

Avoid cheating rank

In the procedures of boosting your app to top charts, the most important thing is avoiding cheating rank. Although it boosts your app to higher charts in short time, its effect is short. What’s more, you will be punished and your app will be removed from App Store because of that. It will make your all efforts void and cause tremendous losses.


Boosting your app to top charts not only attracts more and more users to download but also expands your app fame and creates a good brand. Also, a good brand will help increase installs and boost app ranking. The most important thing is you can gain numerous revenues from that. So remember to utilize these 7 tips, which will boost apps to top charts easily.

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