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4 Potent Guides on App Tittle Optimization

For app developers, creating a great app just advances little distance in the long road of making their app success. There still are many aspects need to complete. Creating a good app title is the most cardinal step, which is also one of the best app store optimization tips. How to achieve this goal? 4 potent guides on app title optimization will be shared in detail.

Influence of Good App Titlesapp title optimization - influence of app title

App title is similar with our email signatures. A good and special signature always gives us too profound impression to forget. So does app title. Good app titles will catch a great number of users’ eyes and attract them to download. Moreover, keywords included in app title can get a higher ranking much easier than that included in keywords field and description, which will raise app ranking and increase installs.

After understanding benefits of good app titles, developers are aware of the necessity of optimizing app title. Then they will be curious about how to do that. Learn following to master that information helping you optimize app title.

The Length of App Title

App title length will affect the development of apps. Hence developers have to focus on it. The length of app title is 255 characters on App Store in September 2016. However, to ensure users gain more comfortable experience and make app keywords more noticeable. The length of app title is shortened to 50 characters and only top 30 characters will be shown. So remember to keep your app title characters in this range as well as put refine information in the title, otherwise, your app will lose many opportunities to get users.

App Functionapp title optimization - app function

App title plays a significant role in giving users good first impression. Users search some apps in order to find these functions meeting their demands. Firstly, they will notice app title, once it contains those functions, they are willing to spend some time taking a look at this app in detail, otherwise, they will skip over it. Thus as a developer, you should design a good title showing your app main function to create more chance for your app to be noticed by users.

Keywords in App Title

As is known to all, keywords are frequently utilized by users to search apps, so there are many developers buying app keyword installs. Once your app keywords having a high search volume rank high in search results, it will get more chances to be found by users. App title field is a place where developers can put the most important keywords. Hence when it comes to app title optimization, you need to add keywords to app title. It will help you achieve the aim of increasing your app downloads and improve its competitive power.

In addition, you have to pay attention to this rule: those keywords that have been included in app title should not appear in the keywords field. Otherwise, it will waste characters.

Keywords Position in App Titleapp title optimization - keywords in app title

Keywords position in the title is also an important factor on app title optimization, which will influence algorithm on app stores. As users always notice these apps that rank at the top position on app stores, app stores also fast find these keywords occupying at that position. When users search some keywords to download apps, app stores will rank the most relevant apps at top1. Generally, the top1 will gain the most installs.

An app will be in posterior from app stores because of its keywords position in app title. It’s so pitying for developers. Therefore remember you are supposed to add the most important keywords to the most prior position in app title, which will do a favor for you to boost app ranking as well as get more and more installs.


Creating a good app title is the first step in the process of improving your app comprehensively. Its success influences your other plans. To ensure all of your plans can be implemented without hurdle, you need to take this advice of app title optimization at first. It will help you succeed in creating a good app title and boost app ranking. What’s more, it also does a favor for you to increase app installs and get numerous benefits.

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