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Why App Store Optimization Is Better than App Store Marketing

Nowadays, mobile iOS app developers are using many different methods to promote their apps, including app store optimization, advertising on social media, ASM and so on. Among all these methods, what they like best are ASO and ASM. However, ASO is more popular and preferred. Today, we will discuss why ASO is better than ASM. Read the following to learn the details.

More Cost-Effective

Advertising on App Store is extremely expensive due to rarely positions and fierce competition. If App developers want to dominate in this campaign, they will pay huge costs.

Comparing with ASM, App Store Optimization is more cost-effective. App developers will pay little, in reverse, getting a high return. The price of App Store Optimization is transparent and marked, which can avoid deception. What’s more, app developers can optimize their app title, screenshots as well as expand its keywords and make it localized without money by themselves. So App Store Optimization is more cost-effective than ASM.

More practical and comprehensiveapp store optimization - practical and comprehensive

ASM just provides app developers a short-time display by a large sum of money. Capacities indicate an app potential. But the app has no opportunity to improve its potential by ASM. It’s so unpractical. Conversely, App Store Optimization can do that based on practical measures.

As is known to all, almost users install apps by means of searching on App Store. So the rank of an app is vital. App Store Optimization boosts an app ranking from comprehensive aspects. For example, it will expand an app keywords by splitting and compounding words and offer good reviews basing on its features. These tips will raise give an app massive potential, which will benefit an app lasting development.

Long-term influence

Long-term influence of App Store Optimization is also the reason that makes it better than ASM. An app continuously catching users eyes and dominating users market is the outstanding winner. However, due to the limitation of advertisement space and numbers on App Store, many other apps will replace your app quickly. After that, few users would notice your app among millions of choices.

In return, App Store Optimization will give an app lasting influence by boosting an app ranking. And this rank will work for a long time. Users always notice that when they look through on App Store.

A great number of target populationsapp store optimization - target populations

For most people, advertisements have not enough attraction to make they download a new app. Whereas they would like to search some keywords to installs apps. So they always ignore this app that advertising on App Store, then the number of target populations will be decreased.

But App Store Optimization doesn’t like that, it just helps an app improve itself by expanding the coverage of keywords, which will ensure an app rank at top position in searching results. What’s more, this ranking is unchangeable in short time so it will make your app more remarkable in different periods. That will expand its target populations in invisible ways.


The reason why App Store Optimization overwhelms others app promotion tips, even surpasses ASM is its whole advantages. This method has a long-term influence. App developers who promote apps via app store optimization can boost their apps to top chart with less money and time. What’s more, they are able to gain lots of target populations and accumulate hidden new users. Thus they would rather choose App Store Optimization than ASM.

Learn detailed and the best app store optimization tips in this guide.

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