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Best 25+ App Store Optimization Tools 2017

Over 65% users prefer to search keywords to download apps on App Store. So numerous developers are making painstaking efforts to improve their app keywords ranking on App Store, and app store optimization is the best way to achieve this. All ASO experts utilize app store optimization tools to optimize their apps and make app promotion strategies. So it is essential to choose a good ASO tool. In this guide, we have selected 25+ ASO tools that are widely used by app developers around the world. Go on reading and choose the best for you.

The functions of app store optimization tools

App store optimization tools major in tracing app ranking in charts, keywords ranking and competitors as well as analyzing keywords, app conversion rate, and revenue. It will ensure you to have more clear directions on optimizing apps.

What can app store optimization tools do for you

Capital optimization

Capital optimization includes an icon, previews, and screenshots. Lots of users will install apps because they are interested in these mentioned aspects. So you need to choose appropriate capital optimization to show app functions.

Keywords optimization

Keywords optimization contains all texts in the detailed page, like title, subtitle and descriptions. Remember to add the most important keywords to title and localize all these texts, which not only increases keywords ranking and app ranking, but also prompts users to download.

App store optimization tools types

 Keywords trace equipment

Keywords trace equipment helps you know target keywords effects in app installs and page view, including App Radar, App Tweak, and Mobile Action.

 App store statistic platforms

Besides keywords trace, statistic platforms also are important in app store optimization. It offers you more chances to trace and analyze users’ reviews by means of App Annie and Apptopia.

 A/B Test

A/B test is designed for keywords capital optimization. It tests which changes in keywords capital optimization are effective or useless, which helps you modify strategy.

The best app store optimization tools

Having much understanding of the functions and contents of app store optimization tools, next, we would like to share the best app store optimization tools with you.


SearchMan, built up in 2012, is one of the most popular app store optimization tools. It helps trace keywords ranking. From that, you can know your app ranking and that of competitors in search results. In addition, you also have a chance to understand whether these keywords are useful or useless and gain accurate suggestions about that, then you can modify to gain better effects. Taking advantage of SearchMan, you can make your app more noticeable and improve app ranking to increase downloads. To use this tool, developers need pay $25 every month.

App Annie

App Annie is the leader of statistic analysis and market statistic in mobile apps. It helps app developers grasp detailed information of business potential of themselves and whole market potential. At the same time, developers can plan out strategies and directions of their apps to follow the social trend by App Annie. App Annie includes 4 products. In order to help you know it more clear, in following, they will be introduced.

Store stats

Store stats offers detailed app ranking formats, ranking fluctuation, recommended conditions and global markets arrangements and rankings.


Analytics is a free analysis service. It automatically abstracts installs, revenue, and ranking. Then it will transform those aspects into a visible form, which provides convenience for you to trace and control apps.

Advertising analytics

Advertising analytics organizes statistic in your all advertising platforms. What’s more, you can see the whole view of advertisements revenue as well as you can analyze the influence of marketing promotion tips on installs, revenue, and ranking.


Developers need to pay for this service in order to gain the most detailed and accurate app statistic, such as installs, ratings, reviews, and ranking. From it, you can get lots of benefits. At the first, it helps you aim at fast growing markets and creates the best opportunity for you. Next, you can choose the best cooperators in your business field from Intelligence.


Sensortower traces and analyzes statistic on app store optimization to improve app exposure and reputation. In addition, it translates keywords into diverse languages in different countries, which will increase app installs. Furthermore, it analyzes competitors’ apps and users’ habits to help you design right strategy, too. Using this tool, developers are requested to pay $79 every month.

App Tweak

App Tweak, an app store optimization platform, majors in increasing app ranking and installs. It offers an individual report to give developers the best advice on app store optimization, which will increase app downloads. In addition to that, developers also can use 6 languages to localize app keywords on different countries to expand app exposure globally. Developers can utilize this tool freely within 7 days, then they need to cost €29 every month.

Metrics Cat

Metrics Cat is good at monitoring app ratings, reviews, and ranking between developers and their competitors. According to the different situation in these mentioned aspects, it will find out relevant solutions for developers. What’s more, it will translate reviews into different languages based on developers’ demands. Developers can enjoy a free 14-day trial. After this, they need to pay $49/month.


Appnique helps developers analyze the different conditions in prior launching and post launching to improve app visibility on all app stores. Based on statistic analysis and search optimization of Appnique, developers can get many important keywords that frequently searched by users and attract hidden users.

Besides this aspect, developers also can compare their keywords with competitors to clear which keywords are ignored by themselves as well as get suggestions that which keywords groupings are suitable. Furthermore, install statistic report of Appnique makes sure that developers have much knowledge of reviews and ratings.

App Codes

App codes is an app store optimization tool that designed for making apps more noticeable. It aims at keywords prediction and traces competitors’ keywords. At the same time, it will help developers automatically choose keywords and predict keywords ranking on app stores. App Codes is priced at $14.95/month.


Developers can increase app exposure and maintain a good relationship with the public and media. They not only seize the most important keywords to boost app ranking but also propagate these keywords out of app store. What’s more, it also makes developers know the advertisement effects and increases app ranking in natural search results.

App Figure

App figure is an app store optimization tool of analyzing app performance, revenue, app ranking and users’ feedback. Although developers launch apps on different app stores, they still get accurate analysis results by App Figure, which can ensure them to make decisions on time. Besides that, it can guarantee you share information with colleagues by means of sub-users as well as you can check in this information at any time because of the compatible of it and mobile equipment. Its cost is $4.99/month.

Store Maven

Store Maven is a professional test tool, which helps developers do well in A/B test and offers the most professional test results. It provides free 30 days for developers.


Developers can collect market trend and analyze competitors taking advantaging of Apptopia. Apptopia helps them arrange trace apps performance of the major app stores and divides all statistic according to different countries and app stores categories. Also, it analyzes installs, revenue and user activity. If developers use it to optimize 5 apps, they need spend $49.99/month for each app. While if they add a new app, its costs will be $14.99/month.


Prioridate offers this service in tracing 3 apps or 5 keywords and does a favor for developers to optimize app store page. Besides these aspects, it also helps developers trace app performance and that of competitors in all app stores that localize in different countries. Prioridate supplies the free service to help developers trace 3 apps or 5 keywords, if developers surpass this arrangement, they are requested to pay $99 every month.

App Radar

App Radar is an app program marketing platform, which helps developers optimize all information in product detailed pages on App Store and Google Play. Utilizing App Radar, developers can choose different translation versions, update screenshot, optimize keywords, compare different versions and edit iOS App information.

What’s more, it supplies a chance for developers to know app store ranking according to keywords and analyzes keywords ranking to advise them how to choose keywords. Also, it teaches developers the ways to find their apps on app stores. Developers can utilize it without payment within the first 14 days. If they want to continuously use it, they need to pay €1 every day.

The Tool

The Tool majors in app installs, app conversion rate and keywords ranking. Developers can utilize it without money lasting 30 days, after that period, they need to pay $29/month.

ASO Desk

ASO Desk is divided into 3 parts, including keywords analysis, keywords browser and keywords form. In addition, it still contains automatic marketing, application program analysis and natural traffic analysis to improve app visibility on app stores. If developers want to utilize it, they need spend $49 every month.

Mobile Action

Mobile Action optimizes app store to make sure that developers have much knowledge of competitor’s app ranking, installs and revenue as well as helps them implement an accurate strategy to increase their app downloads. It includes 2 parts: free ASO Analystic and paid ASO Intelligence with $39 every month.

App Rank Corner

App Rank Corner is a free app store optimization tool, which offers a professional suggestion about choosing and optimizing keywords as well as traces developers’ keywords and compares them with competitors. In addition, it will send the latest report of app ranking and reviews to developers every day.

Split Metrics

Split Metrics majors in optimizing advertisements material, localizing product detail page and analyzing users’ behavior. Also, it utilizes A/B Test to analyze icon, screenshots and previews. If developers choose this service, they need pay $249/month.


CodeNgo helps developers submit and control accounts over 33 app stores to increase app coverage and installs. It will send this information to app stores, like apps, app update, automatic language translation and trace app examination. It will cost less than $20 each app if developers choose this app store optimization tool.

App Follow

App Follow is also one of the best app store optimization tools. It aims at tracing app reviews. In addition, it can look through App Flyer, Search Ads and reply on Google Play. Also, this tool needs developers to pay.

Raise Metrics

Raise Metrics helps developers test users and app. If developers utilize it to test no more than 3 apps that possess 50,000 users, they need pay $99 every month. If the test number is lower than that condition, they will enjoy a free service.

App Trace

App trace is a comprehensive and free app program analysis service to trace Googly Play and iTunes. It’s a form based on a browser.

Test Nest

Test Nest does well in A/B test on App Store and Google Play to test app icon, screenshots and previews. Developers need to pay $149/month if they enjoy this service.


Applyzer helps developers analyze the market and collect relevant information as well as optimize apps. Also, it shows the global ranking of iOS, Google Play, Mac and App TV. Developers can use it without payment.

io offers market intelligence and app statistic analysis to users of Miniclip, Sky and BBC. There are 2 free purchase stages, then $999 per month to customize.


Appstatistics traces app ranking on App Store. It is divided into 3 parts. At the first, it shows this app that ranks at top chart all over the world. Developers can know about which app is the most popular with users and find top 300 apps in any country. Next, Appstatistics allows developers tracing their apps ranking every 3 hours. Finally, it also permits developers to trace and analyze competitors’ apps in order to learn different promotion tips from competitors. Then add these useful promotion methods to their app promotion.

Keyboard Tools

Keyboard Tools are the most important elements on app store optimization tools. It helps users find those keywords that searched by others to achieve app store optimization. The most important thing is helping developers match their app titles and description keywords to search words that come from target users. It ensures users to find developers’ apps easily and accurately.

Keyboard Tools utilize automatic filling functions of App Store to search the most difficult keywords that relevant to apps, which will increase app installs. It’s a free app store optimization tool, developers can gain huge revenue from it.


Meatti provides a free app store optimization report based on the statistic. It will help developers to trace top 100 apps and compare developers apps with others as well as help them notice those contents and operations that can be modified. Also, it’s free for developers.


App store optimization tools help developer choose appropriate promotion tips to boost their apps ranking and increase installs. All these mentioned tools need developers to learn carefully. The most important thing is that they should pay more attention to select the most useful and relevant tools to optimize their apps.

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