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Best App Store Optimization Tips to Boost Your App to Top1

An app occupies the top1 on App Store, which will not only make it noticeable but obtain a great number of installs. So each app developer is eager to be in that place. App Store Optimization can give you this chance to boost your app ranking and reach top1. In following, 8 App Store Optimization tips will be shared.

Good App Titleapp store optimization tips - optimize app title

Good first impression means you get into the initial step of success. For an app, its title has that function. Therefore, a good title is necessary, which includes two parts. One is the major title, another is the subtitle.

At the first, in the major title, app names should be contained. Next, the major title is supposed to sample because users have little time to know that. Finally, it needs special, which will arouse users’ curiosity. While in the subtitle field, you need to write down app main functions and keywords, from that users can obtain based knowledge.

Vivid Icon

Icon naturally gets users more profound impression than words by which an app main function shows completely. Thus you need to give a vivid icon to your app. What’s means vivid? As a starter, the color of icon necessitates warm tone that will make users have good moods. Then the icon would better reflect your app main function or contain its title, for example, Facebook. A vivid icon easily remembered by users, which can boost your app ranking to some extent.

Optimizing App Keywordsapp store optimization tips - optimize app keywords

Most users are used to search keywords to find an app on App Store and they usually choose the front one in searching results. From that, we know keywords have a huge influence on an app ranking. How to ensure your app ranks at the prime position? Optimizing keywords can help you reach this aim.

Firstly, you need to analyze the keywords of competitors to find out which words are searched frequently, based on that, choosing keywords that fit your app. Next, you should expand your keywords by means of creating new words without punctuation to express different means in different situations and using various languages to express your keywords, which will boost your app keywords coverage.

Appropriate Descriptions

To let users recognize your app more clearly, you need to display it clearly, including describing its functions and advantages. At the same time, focus on the logic of your app descriptions. What’s more, those keywords that mentioned in app title should be explained in details in this parts as well as make sure that shows keywords at least 8 times. Then adding some other keywords to show your app from different ways. After this aspect, your app will get more keywords and its ranking will be boosted. You can learn more details from this post published before.

Proper Screenshots

Screenshots are platforms that users can easily know whether this app meets their demands. Therefore in which, you need display main functions of your app. Remember that screenshots would better fit local users’ languages, which will increase users’ familiarity so that they are willing to download.

Good Reviews  app store optimization tips - optimize app reviews

Reviews stand for an app has been known by some users. More good reviews will attract more users to download. So if an app developer wants to boost their app ranking, buying good reviews is a right choice.

What are good reviews? It’s authentic. You need to refer to its advantages and functions in different words relying on your app features. Meanwhile, it’s positive. You need write its performance and practicality through good aspects. After that, your app ranking will be increased.

Improving App Ratings

Improving app ratings is also one of the useful App Store Optimization tips to boost your app ranking. But for an app developer, improving high ratings is a protracted war from users and they have little time to fight for that. Whereas you can solve that problem easily and quickly by following tips

You can not only ask your families and friends to provide high ratings for you by various accounts on different app stores, but also attract users to do that through rewarding. In addition to, you can buy app ratings. which will help you boost your app ranking in a short time.

Localizationapp store optimization tips - app localization

An app, wanting to succeed in different app stores in different countries, should make itself adapt to those conditions. Localization is the best way. You can introduce your app in different languages, for example, promoting your app on App Stores of China, Chinese is the appropriate way, promoting your app in France, French and English both are right. Users in different countries can search your app, which enables to boost your app ranking.


These 8 App Store Optimization tips are the most effective ways to boost your app to top1 on App Store. Meanwhile, these App Store Optimization tips are better than advertisements on the grounds that its lasting influence and practicality. What’s more, it will give your app huge potential and bring long-term profits to you.

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