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5 App Promotion Guides to Boost App Ranking & Installs

The ranking and installs of an app on App Store decide whether it is successful and accepted by the public, so boosting the ranking and installs is crucial.  Everyone wants his app to get high ranking and numerous installs on App Store, but how to achieve that? We would like to share 5 app promotion guides with you to boost your app ranking and installs. They are app store optimization, buying app reviews, getting high ratings, social media ads and finding famous stars to publicize.

App Store Optimization (ASO)app promotion guides - app store optimization

ASO is the way of helping apps get higher rank in app store search results, which is one of the best app promotion guides. The higher your app ranks in app store search results, the more opportunities it can be seen by others. A study shows that 73% app installs depend on searching on App Store.

ASO will let your app occupy the front position and easily be found when users search some keywords to find some apps, then attracting them to download. To achieve that aim, 5 aspects will be utilized, including optimizing app title and keywords, writing descriptions and good reviews as well as choosing suitable screenshots. Through that, the ranking and installs will be increased.

Buying app reviews

The reviews are vital to an app, no matter good or bad reviews. It is common that most people will not download an app without any review.The more reviews, the more chances to be installed. In fact, many apps can’t gain lots of reviews in short time, most of them fail. So you need to buy app reviews.

First, there is no any review about your app on App Store, at that time, you can employ some specific workers to write app reviews according to your app features. Second, when you gain reviews, but most of them are negative, at this time, you can ask for their help to write more positive reviews to cover that. Finally, these bad reviews will be ignored.

Social Media Adsapp promotion guides - social media ads

We are living and working in a common social media period. We buy goods, notice news and chat on the Internet. It’s common that we will find lots of ads online every day. That covers with each space on the Internet. What’s more, we can’t avoid that. Maybe for many people, that’s so terrible.

Nevertheless, for app developers, that’s beneficial to them on the grounds that they have more opportunities to propaganda their apps. Social media will provide many platforms to you. For example, you can advertise your app on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and some other social media. Through that, your app is known by many people. To some extent, it’s an intangible way to increase your app installs.

Getting High Ratings

Rating, same with app reviews, is another aspect deciding the success of an app.  Just like app reviews, users will notice the rating when they want to install an app. High ratings stand for the app is successful, which will lead users to download. But how to get high app ratings? The key is employing some staffs to give good ratings on different App Stores by different accounts. That will help your app ratings improve quickly.

Finding Famous Stars to Publicize Appapp promotion guides - publicize app

Famous stars have possession of different age fans. Their fans will love whatever they love. So they have a profound influence on their fans. According to that, you can utilize these stars’ influence to introduce your app. The best efficient way is asking them for sharing your app on the social network, which will attract their fans to follow it and fast raise ranking and installs.


These 5 tips app promotion guides will help you achieve the aim of boosting app ranking and installs by means of different and comprehensive aspects. At the same time, the influence of these 5 methods is lasting and powerful, which will make your app more successful than others apps.

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