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Most Useful App Localization Guides to Promote App to Multiple Markets

The aim of app localization is to improve users experience in different countries and help app popularize worldwide. When developers localize their apps, they need be careful of these process: the types of localization, localize the contents of the app and the problems and the solutions of app localization. You can learn more details about app localization guides at below.

The types of app localizationapp localization guides - types of localization

Before you learn about the app localization guides, you have to know the types of app localization. Generally, there are two types about app localization, comprehensive or single. What means comprehensive localization? If developers tend to explore some markets profoundly and attract more users to install their apps, they need to localize their apps in languages, functions, screenshots, and design styles, comprehensive localization is suitable. While if they want to attest some markets potential, the single localization is better. Thus before developers plan to localize their apps, they need clear their goals.

Localize the contents of app

We have mentioned the localized contents of these two types, and both of them ask developers to focus on languages. Thus, we will introduce the way to choose the language at first.

Diverse languages are used in different countries, therefore when developers try to localize their apps, they should be aware of which countries they plan to promote their apps to. Then, choosing related languages to describe their apps, which will provide a comfortable experience for users.

Another thing you need pay attention is your app design. Users in various countries have unique aesthetics, so developers are supposed to think out particular design style to cater for that. For example, users in western countries advocate Minimalism, this app without redundant elements and flaring colors in showing interface is more attractive for them.

Developers also attach importance to app functions and screenshots. For instance, American developers intend to release their app in China, you should change all information about that app to cater for Chinese users habits. It includes showing app functions that often used by Chinese, changing English into Chinese, putting Chinese people in screenshots, and so on.

The problems and solutions of app localizationapp localization guides - problem and solutions

There is no exception for app developers to be afflicted with trouble. Some problems still exist in the process of app localization. It includes the mismatch between translation and original materials and the loss of character strings in translation. To help developers localize their apps, the following will share some problems and the solutions elaborately.

Because of the differentiation in the length of words about each language and sentence structures, the mismatch between translation and original materials will emerge. When developers localize their apps by translating the same sentence into several languages, the words’ length always shortens or lengthens about 30%, which will cause the designed interface can’t accommodate this translated texts and lose much important information.

To solve that, developers should analyze the fickle conditions about original materials are translated into different languages firstly. Next, provide advance retaining information for translators, then restrict the number of words to shorten contents.

The loss of character strings during translating is also perturbing developers. When extracting character strings, they are easily in trouble with losing some of that, which will lead to whole character strings useless and cause users’ misunderstanding.  Generally, the best way to deal with that is translating literally. It can help developers distinguish which character strings can not be translated and choose suitable of that.


During the process of app localization, developers need to learn this mentioned app localization guides carefully. Indeed, implement that one by one, which will help them occupy those abroad markets quickly and increase their apps installs. In addition, it will give their apps more chances to become more popular among users. And all of these good effects, coming from app localization, will bring huge profits to them.

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