Best App Keywords Optimization Guides to Help You Boost Keyword Number and Ranking

73% users install apps by searching keywords on app stores. High ranking keywords help increase app downloads. Therefore all developers try their best to get more keywords and rank them higher. In fact, only when developers know the standards of good keywords and the ways to choose that, then they can achieve the aim at boosting their app ranking and consistently keeping that. In this guide, we will talk about app keywords optimization, including how to choose keywords, how to get high keyword rankings and increase keywords number.

The standards of good keywordsapp keywords optimization - standards of good keywords

Understanding what means good keywords is most important for app developers because a good start stands for a half of success. According to the searching index and rules of ranking on App Store, the standards of good keywords include correlation, difficulty and lower competition.

Correlation of keywords is one of important standards. Because higher correlative keywords stand for more chances for apps when users searching.

Difficulty shows the situation that keywords are frequently searched. If some keywords have high search index, they can be considered as good keywords. Moreover, the lower competition is also another standard of that. It means when users search some keywords, they only find few apps that include these keywords, so if developers choose that as their keywords, their app will get more doanloads. So when developers are planning to select keywords, they need to think twice till finding keywords with these standards.

The ways to choose good keywords

At the first step, the correlation of keywords should be stressed in the process of choosing good keywords. Good keywords ought to coincide with each other, simultaneously, coincide with apps, which will do a favor for users find these apps accurately and quickly.

Next, developers are required to analyze their apps’ keywords. Being aware of the coverage of app keywords, the fluctuation of coverage number as well as app ranking and difficulty. In this way, they not merely understand the effect of app promotion, but also grasp more new good keywords on time to replace failure one.

Then, comparing the keywords of competitors is working, too. During this step, developers need notice which keywords are important of competitors. In addition, finding out which keywords that competitors neglected. After that, they could absorb in improving those keywords and gain some opportunities to surpass most competitors. At least, looking through users’ reviews is also a better choice to get some good keywords.

Optimizing and increasing good keywordsapp keywords optimization - optimize and increase keywords

Possessing good keywords is not enough to boost and keep the ranking of apps.  Developers should indulge in optimizing and expanding keywords for the lasting development of their apps. Therefore, there are some methods for app keywords optimization and expansion at below.

As a starter, the rankings of important keywords are vital. The orders are as follows: app title, keywords, app description, and IAP item name. At the same time, the most important keywords should put in the title and keywords period. Meanwhile, if keywords overlap in app title and keywords, the Apple will count them just one time. Developers should avoid this condition because it will waste characters.

App keywords optimization depends on the subtitle. Subtitle also involves keywords. If some keywords rank at top position in the subtitle, developers should keep this ranking, which will increase the exposure rate of your app. In the description field, keywords have more showtime. Due to many characters exist in descriptions, so you can add the keywords for many times, but do not override the range from 8 to 12.

Keywords expansion helps form new words that not exist in the past, and assists to increase the keywords coverage. Dividing and compounding words can increase keywords.

Compounding words need developers add long-tail words that are less hot to most hot words. It will help form a new keyword. What’s more, enlarge keywords coverage and boost apps ranking. Choosing these words that correlate with more apps is better, which will make new compound words are easily recorded.

On the contrary, dividing words asks developers to split one keyword to many. During this step, please notice the correlation of these divided keywords. Through this aspect, the number and coverage of keywords will be expanded quickly.


Good keywords have a profound influence on the lasting development of apps. Thus, app developers should emphasize on these all aspects that we mentioned above. Furthermore, they would better obey these app keywords optimization tips step by step till achieving the aim at boosting and keeping their apps ranking.

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