App Developers Attach Importance to Competitive Analysis

Why Should App Developers Attach Importance to Competitive Analysis?

There is a fierce competition on App Store, and innumerable apps are released every day. If you want your app to stand out in this niche, you should analyze competitors’ apps in detail. In this way, you can know your competitors’ advantages and disadvantages. Then, learn the things they are doing well and avoid the mistakes they made. To make developers aware of how to implement competitive analysis, we will discuss 8 tips.


Competitive analysis means analyze competitors’ apps. It is divided into 2 parts: objective statistic and subjective analysis.

Objective analysis

App Developers Attach Importance to Competitive AnalysisObjective analysis means developers need select relevant apps and compare them to conclude objective statistic. What means objective statistic? It requests developers to analyze these 4 contents: market, user consumption, use habits and use condition.

Marketing environment is the first step developers should notice. It shows the potential of relevant apps in the market. Next, user habits request developers to analyze user consumption and use habits. Besides that, app use condition needs to focus on. Developers are supposed to find the reason why users would like to use this app. Also, clear out what factor trigger users to use this app.

Subjective analysis

Subjective analysis is a process of developers regard them as users to analyze the advantages and drawbacks between them and competitors by means of experiencing competitors’ apps and their apps. Then conclude relevant statistic and catch up with suggestions.

Aim of competitive analysis

Competitive analysis can help developers learn competitors’ advantages, then modulate them based on their apps. What’s more, it also makes developers understand competitors’ shortages, then they can avoid that.

Detailed analyzed contents

In above phrases, we had roughly talked about 2 competitive analysis types. Now, we will share detailed analyzed contents.


App Developers Attach Importance to Competitive AnalysisIn this step, developers need to know the market potential. They would better do a comprehensive study and conclude statistic, then decide whether compete in this market. Besides that, they also need to analyze promotion channels and tips of gain profits of this app. Developers always ignore these2 points, but they are very important for them. Because promotion channels help developers find most effective ways to attract users.

Users analysis

Competitive analysis ensures developers find their target users. Then they need analyze user social status, user habits, and consumption habits. All of these can help developers realize users’ consuming capacity, product arranges as well as make them design appropriate promotion tips to attract users to consume.


Strategy analysis is also an influencing factor in the process of competitive analysis. Developers need to compare their strategy to that of competitors to find whether their strategy suits this market. If it is unreasonable, then they need take action to adapt it.

App keywords

App Keywords are an important part of the competitive analysis. Developers should carefully analyze which keywords are frequently searched by users and have a high ranking in searching results. Then they need to add these keywords to their apps.

App functions

In the competitive analysis, developers are supposed to focus on whether their app functions can meet users demands like their competitors. If they are unable to achieve this goal, then they need change that in order to avoid cheating users.

Experience competitors’ apps

App Developers Attach Importance to Competitive AnalysisPractice is the most useful tip to help developers gain distinction between them and competitors. When using competitors’ apps, they should carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these apps, such as performance and design. It will help them design better apps to attract users.

Promotion tips

Promotion tips play an important role in gaining multitudes of users. So developers are supposed to analyzing competitors’ promotion tips. It ensures them know which tip is more cost-effective, and accepted by users to large extent.

Analyze opportunities and risks in market

Opportunities and risks also are vital elements for developers to implement competitive analysis. They can learn a new business model and seize this chance to develop a new market.


Competitive analysis is a very important step before developers tend to develop apps and promote their apps. It not only helps them easily design good apps that suit market demands but also select most useful tips to propagate their apps. What’s more, it offers developers more chances to perceive new commercial opportunities to create a new trend.

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