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Best 8 Tips to Promote Shopping Apps to Get More Installs

Nowadays, multitudes of people prefer to go shopping on the internet due to it’s more convenient and cheaper. This trend leads to the emergence of shopping apps. At the same, developers are facing fierce competition to promote their apps and attract users on App Store. To help developers stand out in this competition, we shared the best 8 tips to promote shopping apps to get more installs.

Set up Wikipedia

promote shopping apps - set up wikipediaWhen you develop a shopping app, there is no relevant information about it on the internet. So you need to set up Wikipedia for your app. It should include all detailed information about this app, like features, functions, descriptions, and screenshots as well as add your company information to it. When users want to have more knowledge of your shopping app, they can take a look at Wikipedia, which will help you promote this app and increase downloads.

App store optimization

There is no doubt that app store optimization is one of the best tips to promote shopping apps. It improves inner elements of apps comprehensively, including app title, icon, keywords, descriptions, reviews, ratings and so on. We have introduced the most detailed ways to optimize these aspects, you can read this article to get details. Remember reviews and ratings are the most important factors for shopping apps to induce users to install, you should be more careful for that.

Promote on social media

Social media has a great power to promote shopping apps. It will expand app exposure to a large extent and make lots of audiences notice apps in short time. Hence, you can promote your shopping apps on social media, which is also one of the most common app promotion guides. For example, you can show shopping apps on Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. There are numerous followers on these platforms, it will make your app more popular. Remember you should communicate with these followers continuously, which will increase reliability and get more and more installs.

Off-line advertisements

promote shopping apps - offline-advertisementWhy there are great amounts of advertisements filling with lots of places? Why more and more businessmen lastingly paid more attention to advertisements in spite of they will spend huge funds on it? The reason is that advertisements can propagate products extensively and increase exposure as well as make them famous. People are easily holding the view that this product advertising on various platforms must be better than others without advertising. Therefore, they would like to spend money on it.

Having an understanding of users’ psychology, you should take advantage of advertisements to popularize your apps, including show your app on famous TV, railway stations, bus stations, elevators and other platforms. Especially, choose a particular day to advertise your apps on these mentioned platforms. In addition, showing special activities, like preferences and discounts, is more powerful to promote your shopping apps. It will attract users to download and ensure that they notice your shopping apps in regular time as well as automatically use it.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best tips to promote shopping apps. It will help expand app exposure and create a good app brand. How to ensure that your shopping app has a good public evaluation? Read following parts to master useful ways.

Good performance offers a good user experience to people. So you need avoid bugs and provide convenience for users, which will make them willing to share your shopping app with others. In addition, relying on media is also useful. You can show your app reputation by media, which can help you achieve your goal quickly.

Search Ads

promote shopping apps - ASMHave you found that when you search your app on App Store, you will notice one other app that relevant your app occupies the top position in search results? Also, this app is more noticeable and gets lots of installs. The reason why it ranks at this position is that its owner buys search ads. Hence, you can also grasp this chance to promote your shopping app. It helps stand out your app in search results and attract users to downloads, which will ensure you get more and more installs.


There are numerous people shopping online using apps, which offers developers more opportunities. However, it is also a fierce competition for shopping apps on App Store because lots of shopping apps are launched, which will disperse people attention. If you want to attract a great number of people to download your app, you would better follow these mentioned tips to promote shopping apps. What’s more, integrate theory with practice in order to utilize these methods to promote your app. From that, you can get more and more installs.

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