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Developers Should Focus on 10 App Promotion Mistakes  

Lots of developers make painstaking to promote their apps in order to get lots of installs and huge revenue. Almost of them succeed in this campaign, while there still are lots of them failing in it. Why do they suffer from this trouble? Are they lacking in assorted promotion tips? The prime reason is that they made these 10 app promotion mistakes. Keeping on reading to grasp detailed information.

Skip over target population

It is common that lots of developers will not pay attention to the target population. They are eager to get success in short time. So when launching apps on App Store, they shift their attention into selecting various promotion tips. They forget to analyze which populations are their target users. Naturally, they lose chances to know target users’ hobbies and consumption habits. However, all of these have a great influence on app promotion.

Abuse promotion tips

app promotion mistakes - abuse promotion tipsThese developers regard app promotion tips as a skeleton key. They have a goal that their apps must be stood out on App Store because of these various promotion tips. So they always utilize many promotion tips without analysis on their apps. In addition, they would like to adopt these promotion ways that frequently used by competitors.

All right, there are many useful app promotion tips, but you should choose those ways according to your app features.

Rarely focus on app quality

App quality also affects promotion effect. High-quality apps will make users willing to share apps with others voluntarily, which will help developers save promotion cost and create a good app brand. While lots of developers pay little attention to that. They hold the view that promotion effect is only affected by promotion tips. So they spent a little time on app quality, and ignore to complete app functions as well as allow lots of bugs exist in their apps. These aspects will hamper them to promote apps and decrease installs.

Single App Store

There is no doubt that App Store is a good platform for developers to promote apps, which helps them get lots of app exposure and thousands of installs. However, launching apps on it is not enough, which restrains apps to gain lots of chances to show them. Remember there are many other effective app stores, like Google Play, Samsung App Store, Amazon, and HUAWEI. Developers should launch apps on many app stores, which will increase app exposure and boost downloads.

Wrong Time of advertising

app promotion mistakes - wrong advertising timeAdvertising is one of the best app promotion methods. Numerous products exist in all kinds of places by means of advertisements. Most businessmen show products on advertisements frequently. Small parts of them express their products only on a special period with a few times.  While these small parts often can be easily remembered by people. At the same time, they are very famous and successful.

Through analyzing their advertisements, we can make a conclusion that their developers choose a special time on advertisements, and make painstaking to promote products on that time, which leaves a profound impression on the audience. Therefore, developers should select an appropriate period to advertise their apps.

Rarely Update advertisements

Rarely updating advertisements is also one of the most app promotion mistakes. Some developers get the obvious effect by this advertisement, and they will rarely update that. It will affect them to grasp new users.

Rely on certain promotion channels

Generally, people are used to focusing on one thing, which is same with app developers. When getting a good effect from that, they will continuously adopt that and seldom find other useful channels. Once there are some problems in that, they have not other channels to promote their apps, which will cause them face a huge loss.

Focus on short-term profits

Lots of developers always attach importance to short-term profits. Once they get some success in app promotion, they will give up spending time and money on it. It will have a negative influence on them.

Pay overmuch attention to CPI(Cost Per Installation)

app promotion mistakes - pay to much on CPICheaper CPI is better by which developers know how much revenue produced by budgets. Also, it shows how many users install this app to some extent. Hence, most developers are so satisfied when they possess cheaper CPI. While they don’t know CPI is not enough on app promotion. However, paying too much attention to CPI is one of the most common app promotion mistakes.

Conversely, Cost Per Loyal User is important. Loyal users not only download apps but also frequently utilize that as well as spend money on these paid services. Those users can ensure developers gain huge revenue. Therefore, developers should also pay more attention to Cost Per Loyal User.


Ignore user statistic analysis

Ignoring user statistic analysis. By analyzing user statistic, developers can know which source and tips are effective to get lots of users. So all developers are supposed to focus on user statistic analysis.


App promotion is a complex and long-term process, and there are many app promotion mistakes during popularizing apps, so all developers should be more patient and careful. In order to help you promote app without hurdle, we shared 10 mistakes that frequently perturb lots of developers. Remember to learn that carefully.

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